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Are Clove shoes considered slip resistant?Updated 6 months ago

Yes! We designed Cloves to provide exceptional traction and to give you peace of mind during your long shifts. Our outsoles combine multiple features for optimal performance, and all Clove shoes models have been certified as slip resistant, according to ASTM F3445 standards
  • Rubber Outsole: Our soles start with grippy rubber. We chose a formulation that is soft enough to grip smooth surfaces (like hospital, kitchen, or warehouse floors), but firm enough to stand up to the long-term demands of your job. 
  • Siping: Very fine slits (called sipes) are cut into the outsole lugs. These slits enhance outsole surface contact with the ground and promote traction in wet conditions.
  • Drainage: A series of central and peripheral grooves work to channel liquids out from under your foot as you step.
As with all footwear, we always recommend exercising caution and reasonable care when walking on wet or slick surfaces.

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