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How do all of the Clove shoe specifications compare?

Classic & Commuter. Solo & Clara. Aeros. SuperCush™. Forte. SuperCush™. Alto. Upper material. Clarino™ vegan leather. Clarino™ vegan leather. CloveTech™ woven fabric. Clarino™ vegan leather. Ripstop fabric. Midsole system. ClassicSingle density EVA m

What is SuperCush™?

The SuperCush™ Comfort System is the foundation for two new Clove styles: Clove Forte and Clove Alto. It’s the next big thing in next-level comfort. It’s an elevated, maximalist midsole design with more cushion, and support than ever before. SuperCus

What are Clove shoes made of?

Classic, Solo, and Forte Models. Our Classic Solo, and Forte collections are designed to bring comfort, durability, and easy-to-clean support to healthcare workers. Built with Clarino™, these shoes are liquid-repellant and stain-resistant. Clarino™ i

Are Clove shoes considered slip resistant?

What are Clove socks made of?

Compression Socks. Our ombre and tie-dye styles are made of a blend of cotton (42%), elastic (42%), spandex (14%), and polyester (2%). Our other styles are made of a breathable and lightweight blend of spandex (80%) and nylon (20%). Our compression s

What is the Clove Featherlite™ Underscrub made of?

The Clove Featherlite™ Underscrubs are made from 71% nylon and 19% polyester.

What are Cloveys™ made of?

Cloveys™ are accessories designed to fit securely on every Clove sneaker and express your unique style! They are made of plastic and are entirely latex-free.

How often does Clove release new shoe colors?

We frequently release new colors! If you sign up to be a Clove Insider, you’ll be the first to know when we launch or re-stock limited edition colors.

I’m not a nurse or a healthcare worker. Would Clove shoes be a good option for me?

Clove shoes are designed with the needs of healthcare workers in mind. However, they are well suited for anyone who wants a sneaker that's incredibly comfortable and easy to clean!

Where can I buy Clove products?

Right here! Clove shoes, socks, and accessories are sold exclusively on our website:

Does Clove sell replacement insoles?

At this time, we don't have replacement insoles available for purchase. While our molded insole provides ample support for most, it is removable, should you require custom orthotics!.