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What is SuperCush™?Updated 6 months ago

The SuperCush Comfort System is the foundation for two new Clove styles: Clove Forte and Clove AltoIt’s the next big thing in next-level comfort. It’s an elevated, maximalist midsole design with more cushion, and support than ever before.

SuperCush draws on what consumers love about maximalist running shoes – the bold look, the utmost comfort – but goes one step further with features specific to healthcare and every on-your-feet career. 

Here’s what makes SuperCush different:

  • Thicker foam for max comfort.  

    • 33% more foam than the Clove Classic’s outsole – 48mm vs. 36mm. 

    • A thick, raised design delivers relief from the challenges of standing for long shifts. 

  • New dual-density foam core for stability.

    • A new dual-density foam strikes the ideal balance between soft and supportive.

    • Our new midsole was intentionally designed to meet the different needs of each part of the foot: comfort underfoot and support in the sidewalls to allow for confident lateral movement

    • On a durometer (hardness) reading, SuperCush measures 40 in the middle and 50 outside. This means that our shoe is soft inside but tougher for sturdiness and stability on the outside. 

    • Stability also means less pain and fatigue during and after every shift. 

  • Maximum stability tailored to the job. 

    • Unlike other maximalist shoes with a rocker design made for running, SuperCush features two times the surface contact area flat on the floor, specifically for standing and walking. 

And here are the Clove-standard features we carried over to SuperCush:

  • Tacky rubber from heel to toe. 

  • Fluid channeling that pushes liquids away. 

  • 10mm heel drop designed for standing and walking.

  • Unique heel cup designed for stability, blister prevention, and comfort. 

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