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How do I return my Clove order?Updated 3 hours ago

US Customers:

For shoes, you can process a return request directly in our Returns Center ( Once your return has been received, your refund will be processed!

For apparel and accessories, please email our support team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

Canadian Customers:

Start by visiting our Canadian Returns Center ( Our portal will generate a prepaid shipping label for your return.

You will receive an email when your return is received and your refund has been processed.

How to get your Duties & GST/PST refunded

As a Canadian customer, you are eligible to reclaim the Canadian import duties and sales tax (GST/PST) for your return through Canada's Casual Refund Program.

To start this process, please download a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) form and follow the instructions. In order to successfully complete the form, you will need two pieces of supporting documentation to receive a refund from CBSA:

  1. Your order refund confirmation email from Clove

  2. The import details report, which indicates the value of the duties/taxes that were paid. To obtain this, please email our international shipping carrier, Passport, at [email protected] with your Passport tracking number in the subject line. They will reply with the necessary documentation attached.

You can always email [email protected] if you have additional questions about your return.

UK Customers:

Email [email protected] within 30 days of your order delivery to get your return started. 

VAT Refunds

  • Orders valued below £135 (including the cost of shipping): VAT refunds are processed automatically upon successful order return

  • Orders valued above £135 (including the cost of shipping): VAT is nonrefundable

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