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How do returns and refunds work for discounted orders?Updated 8 months ago

If you paid full price for your items, if you received a discount on only a specific item, or if you got a discount as part of a sitewide sale, you will receive a refund for the price that you paid for the item, minus any applicable return shipping fees. 

If you purchased a Clove Bundle, used a buy one get one free code offer, or used a Shop Now bonus credit during an exchange and want to return a portion of the items, the overall discount that you received will be proportionally distributed and adjusted for in your refund across all items in the order.


Say you purchased a bundle deal that included shoes and two pairs of socks for $170.67. 

The item proportion is determined by adding up the total discount and then dividing that amount by the proportional percentage of each item's value (not what was paid). For this order that math looks like this:

Find the total order value, before discounts:

145+28+28= $201

Find the total value of the discounts applied:

28 (free socks)+12 (discounted socks) = $40 

Find the proportion of each item, before discounts, related to the total value:

28➗201 = 13.93% (Socks)

28➗201 = 13.93% (Socks)

145➗201 = 72.14% (Shoes)

Then the percentage of the total discount that applies to each item is found:

40*13.93% = 5.57 (Socks)

40*13.93% = 5.57 (Socks)

40*72.14% = 28.86 (Shoes)

Then that amount is subtracted from the item's value and we're left with the distributed cash value, which is the amount that you will be refunded for that specific item,  before any applicable tax refund, or any adjustments for applicable return shipping fees.

28-5.57 = $22.43 (Socks)

28-5.57 = $22.43 (Socks)

145-28.86 = $116.14 (Shoes)

When you're processing an exchange, you only need to return the item(s) you're exchanging! If any other items will not be resent with your new order, so make sure you don't include them in your return.

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